Saturday, August 25, 2007

Amazing Sports Acrobatics

I think I'm pretty strong for an old man, but this makes it clear that I am not. Just watch.

Amazing Sports Acrobatics - Click here for more free videos


Anonymous said...

Beautiful performances! But, I can tell you as someone who did "hardcore" yoga asana for many years and now lifts heavy weights, they're very different kinds of strength (with some overlap, though.) Hand-balancing is a LOT about angles and body tension and core endurance rather than the sheer power of say, a deadlift. And, naturally, strenght-to-weight ratio is key to being able to do these routines. It helps if you weigh 80 pounds! Which is not to take anything away from the extraordinary body control and artistry of these women at all. They are spectacular. Really, it's pretty cool how many different kinds of strength there are . . .

william harryman said...

Hey TY,

I agree with your assessment. But pound for pound, I'd guess these young women are stronger than most men. Certainly, they can't pull 405 on a deadlift, but I can't balance someone of my size and weight with one arm.

As you said, there are a lot of kinds of strength, and this form of it has always fascinated me. The core strength is amazing.