Friday, August 24, 2007

New Poem: No Subject

No Subject

moths to a flame / so many days
spent looking at the sun / but why
does the moon feel cold

undone / windows open
into a room with no doors

faces in the glass / smiles
turned inside out / abstractions
of reality / flames to a moth

no doors / windows open
to a life undone

so many suns / light frightens
the eyes / vision turned
inward / undone / revised

everything happens / then
nothing / forgotten

moths circle the light / burn
their lives in a blaze / undone
in a moment of instinct

but why / what force compels
the end / what magic conjures
more than meets the eye


Anonymous said...

I read this aloud, and it's beautiful!

It actually touched me.

william harryman said...

Thanks, Amy!