Friday, August 24, 2007

New Poem: No Object

No Object

staring at the water / rocks
abstracted by the flow
of light / watching the flow

how many days / nights
spent in misery / lost
amid the emotions of night

these dreams are more / colors
splattered over landscape / sunlight
diminishes the body / sensation

wallowing in the past / black
on red on blue / nothing says loss
as well as the moon

we walk into the sunset/ fallen
moments / forgetting flowers
the way death forgets everything

what more do we know / what
lines in the flesh / this dream
conjures more than the eyes can take


Unknown said...

What juicy words fall from your fingers

landing on the screen, not randomly.

Though randomness plays its part

as words spill and scatter.

Could anyone say that any of us were conceived with greater control?

The chromosome four-letter words

All the colors of the rainbow from a primary three

we are little more that a portrait and a dream.

william harryman said...

Thank you, Tom,

What a kind tribute. This was one of my best nights of writing in ages, and I owe it all to Pollock.


Unknown said...

Thanks, Kind Bill. My dribbling was meant as a tribute; I'm glad you've taken it that way!

And, indeed! Your 'Pollock' inspired poems are very good ones.