Sunday, August 19, 2007

Louis Johnson - How To Thump a Bass

This is pretty cool.

The Brothers Johnson's bassist, Louis Johnson (born 13 April 1955, in Los Angeles) is regarded as one of the best bassists of the 20th century. His signature sound is from the musicman bass which Leo Fender especially made for him to first use and promote. His work appears on The Brothers Johnson albums and many well-known records by prominent artists. Johnson played on Michael Jackson's albums "Off the Wall" and "Thriller" and George Benson's album "Give Me the Night". He was one of three bassists on Herb Alpert's 1979 album "Rise", which included its top-10, Grammy-winning disco/jazz title-track "Rise".

Due to his tremendous ability, he was nick-named "Thunder-Thumbs". Many slap bassists have been given the moniker, (Mark King), however it is Johnson that the name first originated with. His slap bass playing arrived soon after Larry Graham brought it into the mainstream, and both are considered the grandfathers of "slap-bass playing" to this very day. (Thanks Wikipedia)

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