Thursday, October 26, 2006

Which RSS Reader Do You Use?

ProBlogger links to a review of RSS feed readers at CNET:

I missed this earlier in the month but CNET put together a review of some of the more popular RSS readers at Make your own headlines.

They looked at Bloglines (rated 7.7), Rojo (rated 6.7), Google Reader (no rating given), FeedDemon 2 (rated 8.0) and Newsagator Inbox 2.6 (rated 7.5).

What RSS/News Reader/s do you use?

found via a Feed is Born

Which reader do those of you who read this site use? Have you tried several? What features are you looking for the most?

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Anonymous said...

I don't use an rss reader per se, but rather syndicate the feeds through LiveJournal and read them via my LiveJournal "friends page." The only feature I look for is, well, to be able to read the entries.