Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Speedlinking 10/25/06

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The week is half over -- woo hoo!

~ Diet linked to brain size in primates. "This brings us closer to a good ecological theory of variation in brain size, and thus of the conditions steering cognitive evolution," said study co-author Carel van Schaik.
~ Daily Drink or Two Cuts Healthy Men's Heart Attack Risk. As always, the middle way is the key.
~ Failure to get eight hours of shut-eye can lead to obesity. The evidence keeps mounting, so I should weigh in at about 400 lbs these days.
~ Testosterone Could Keep Older Men From Falls. We really need to de-demonize this wonder hormone.

~ Neuropsychology of hypnosis: Seed Magazine discusses how researchers are exploring the neuropsychology of hypnosis to understand this curious state of mind.
~ Integral Spirituality: An Overview and Some Critical Observations by Hyatt Carter. Posted at Visser's Integral World.
~ How to deal with thoughts? by Mystery of Existence.
~ Joe at Until also looks at Wilber's Integral Spirituality.
~ After reading Richard Dawkins, Stuart Davis is fed with rational flatland: Open Letter To Rational Pundits.
~ Nacho at WoodMoor Village Zendo offers a vision of A Center for Mindful Politics?

~ A video portrait of E.O. Wilson: The Harvard biologist on ant wizardry, the fight for human nature, and why he puts pen to paper.
~ Ancient Horse Corral Unearthed in Kazakhstan. The finding suggests the Botai culture living in the region 5,600 years ago didn't just hunt the creatures for meat, but were domesticating them, too.
~ Ethnic Identity Gives Teens Daily Happiness Boost. Sounds like these ninth graders have a strong need based in the ethnocentric stage of development. Seems about right.
~ Medicine's Racial Gap: Two new studies find that, when it comes to health care, minorities just don't fare as well as whites.
~ Kurt Cobain Tops Elvis among incomes for dead celebrities.
~ CJ Smith, Matthew Dallman, and Tuff Ghost are discussing barack Obama, "smart government," and other cool things.
~ MD at The Daily Goose posts an E. Donald Hirsch Jr. article regarding ROMANTIC VS CLASSICAL APPROACHES TO EDUCATION.
~ Dave Pollard at How to Save the World offers A Four-Pronged Approach to Getting to 'Yes', a guide to "selling."

~ Global warming fuels fungal toad-killer. The first evidence in Europe of a species decline from a disease linked to climate change has been shown, researchers say.
~ Global ecosystems 'face collapse'. Current global consumption levels could result in a large-scale ecosystem collapse by the middle of the century, environmental group WWF has warned.
~ Carbon trading market could help save rainforests. This is from the World Bank, so it's questionable.
~ Joe at The Drop links to an article on the 10 most polluted places on Earth.

And that's more than enough for now. I was going to curtail the length of these things, but they seem to keep growing. Oh well.

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