Thursday, October 26, 2006

Speedlinking 10/26/06

This morning's picture is the M31 central region:

~ The Anti-Skinny Fat Manifesto. "Nowadays people are more likely to attempt to emulate Brad Pitt's physique in Fight Club (good luck) than even the moderately muscled physique donned by Christian Bale in Batman Begins." Well, hell, we can't have that.
~ Exercise Helps You Quit Smoking More Successfully. Worked for me, lo, those many years ago.
~ Being Overweight Can Cost You At The Pump. Apparently, the more you weigh, the more gas it takes to drag you around.
~ Weight loss on the Web: Where to turn for advice. Consumer Reports rates the weight loss sites.
~ Ecstasy as a brain booster for Parkinson's? Can you imagine this? A bunch of nearly-senile olde folk rolling on E?
~ Study Identifies "Sociality" Neurons. Seems there are neurons that determine whether birds of a feather flcok together.
~ Coffee May Protect Against Diabetes: Study Shows Coffee Drinkers Have A Reduced Risk Of Developing Type 2 Diabetes. This is just confirming what we already know.

~ Tame your brain to keep your cool. Seems that a basic neurofeedback technique can help people -- including psychotics -- have better access their inner states as a way to control anger and rage. Sign me up.
~ From Aaron at Anxious Living: It’s Only Life.
~ Stephen Batchelor at Tricycle blogs about Reason and Transcendence (2).
~ Edward Berge at Open Integral is discussing Postmetaphysical Thinking. The central theme seems to be the development of the self as a social creature rather than Wilber's reliance on the Piagetian constructivist tradition.
~ Dashh posts an exerpt from an interview with William Irwin Thompson, in which he talks about Ken Wilber.
~ Meditation’s Impact on Alertness can be found over at Authentic Personality.
~ StevePavlina blogs on Purpose = Permanent Message + Temporary Medium, a look at how our life's purpose may change its form of expression over time, but not so much its central meaning.
~ Dave Pollard at How to Save the World tackles Need, Want, Love.

~ Stereotypes Can Keep Women's Math Scores Low. In study, females performed poorly when 'male math gene' theory was touted
~ Tombs Found in Syria Hold Riches, Signs of Ritual Sacrifice. Cool.
~ A few takes on the New Jersey "gay rights" ruling:
* Viewpoint: A Separate But Equal Ruling for Gay Marriage
* N.J. court opens door to gay marriage
* N.J. high court opens door to gay marriage: Justices force Legislature to decide how state will honor same-sex union
* NJ court grants gay couples equal marriage rights
* New Jersey court backs gay rights
~ Matthew Dallman deconstructs Ken Wilber's brief article, BLOG: Deconstruction of a Postmodern Musician. The gloves are off.

~ A New Research Project To Examine The Impact Of Prenatal And Childhood Environmental Factors. Maybe they'll come down on one side or the other of the nature/nurture debate.
~ Appalachians Triggered Ancient Ice Age.
~ Amazon River Flowed Backwards in Ancient Times. Damn, science is cool.
~ Where is the center of the renewable energy universe? The answer may soon be Arizona.
~ Brazil Bus Firm Powers Fleet on Biofuels.

And the lid is on.

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