Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Speedlinking 10/24/06

Morning image is from Dennis:

~ Activity Pyramid Makes A Point About Childhood Fitness. Less screen time and more playtime is the message in MyActivity Pyramid, a guide to physical activity for children ages 6 to 11, developed by University of Missouri-Columbia Extension health educators.
~ Clinical Trial Shows Liquid Eggs Enriched With Omega-3 Deliver Heart Health Benefits. Or you could just take a fish or flax oil supplement.
~ Fall Fitness Tips For Armchair Quarterbacks. Even former athletes are at greater risk for heart disease, cancer and other maladies if they no longer get 30 minutes of moderate exercise five or more days per week.
~ Sit-Ups And Sundaes Don't Mix: Diet With Exercise Works Best. Really? Who woulda guessed?
~ Vegetables, Not Fruit, Help Fight Memory Problems In Old Age.
~ Invisible but Erotic: Brain Sees Naughty Images Even When We Don't. Damn, that explains A LOT.

~ Links In Humans Between Behavior Traits And Cancer Should Be Considered, Study Suggests.
~ From Mind Hacks: A new issue of Scientific American Mind has arrived on the shelves with a couple of freely accessible articles on microexpressions and communication through gestures available online.
~ Participatory Spirituality at P2P Foundation.
~ Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas at P2P Foundation.
~ Ryan Oelke at Anxious Living blogs on Personal Preferences vs. Social Anxiety Preferences.
~ Steve Pavlina at Steve Pavlina's Personal Development Blog looks at what might happen if we all began to live a purpose-centered life: If Everyone Awakens Will We All Starve?
~ Edward Berge at Open Integral responds to a question regarding the Wilber-Combs lattice in The politics of experience.

~ Adults At 12? Trends In Puberty And Their Public Health Consequences, UK. The onset of puberty has been steadily falling for the past 150 years, and has dropped three years within the past century alone, as a result of public health measures and improved nutrition.
~ Electronic Voting Machines Could Skew Elections: Researchers, Candidates Have Little Confidence in Machines Designed to Make Elections Easier to Call.
~ Grim New Turn Likely to Harden Darfur Conflict: For the first time in more than two years, rebels fighting the government for more autonomy are making brazen, direct, and successful attacks on soldiers, and are declaring that all previous cease-fires are no longer in effect.
~ CJ Smith of Indistinctunion writes on Lectio Divina: Sacred Reading or Sacred Meditation (on the Text).
~ Mike at Unknowing Mind hosts the Interfaith Blog Event #2: Ethics, Intrinsic or Relative?

~ Bigger Than Yellowstone, Canada Park to Protect Cultures, Creatures.
~ Photo Gallery: Best Wildlife Photos of 2006 Announced.
~ Tyler Cowen of Marginal Revolution asks When should the government report future liabilities?
~ From Sierra Club: Emirati Atlantis. According to some calculations, the average American has an ecological footprint of 9.5 hectares, or rougly 23.5 acres. That's roughly the amount of land that would be needed to support the resource demands we place on the planet.
~ For those of you who groove on economics (is there anyone who does?), there is now Midas Oracle, which they describe thusly: Strictly, Midas Oracle is a group blog about prediction markets (i.e., event derivatives, event-driven futures, idea futures).
From the Daily Grist, What climate scientists have learned from Western wildfires.

And that's a full lid.

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