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~ Eat Right for Your Body Type. These types of diets seldom work in the long term, but they can give some basic guidelines.
~ Hormone Linked To Brain's Cravings For Food And Other Energy Sources. More info on ghrelin, the hormone many scientists are looking at as a magic bullet.
~ Synchronous Neuronal Firing May Underlie Parkinson's Disease. A new explanation of the symptoms of Parkinson's, but likely not a cause.
~ Genes And Life Stress Interact In The Brain. How we respond to stress -- the emotional response -- may be genetically based.
~ High Bread Intake Can Double Kidney Cancer Risk. Makes me glad I quit eating bread a few years ago.

~ Fear Could be Linked to Cancer. More support for psychoneuroimmunology.
~ Children With Obsessive-compulsive Disorder Helped By Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
~ Dealing With Death Through Behavior Therapy. The study deals with a more extreme form of bereavement that includes symptoms of major depression combined with anxiety symptoms that resemble a milder version of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
~ Awakening: what may change and what may not from Mystery of Existence.
~ Integrative Spirituality looks at Sri Ramakrishna : The Originator of Integral Yoga.
~This is a couple of days old, but I think I missed it the first time. Dashh offers up States and Stages - Where's the Beef?, a look at Ken Wilber's work.
~ Tom at Thoughts Chase Thoughts looks at “Is There Room for the Soul?” in his post On Consciousness.
~ Mike at Unknowing Mind offers Memories and the Present, including a one-minute meditation.

~ Landmark Study To Define Work-Life Balance Across Cultures. A cross-cultural study that will look at issues such as paid parental leave and other factors that influence staff turnover, absenteeism, and health costs. The study is based in Australia.
~ The Truth About Rumors And Why We Believe Them. Nicholas DiFonzo, one of the leading experts on rumor and gossip research is currently researching how rumors proliferate, spread, and die over time as part of a National Science Foundation-funded study.
~ Sen. Obama (IL) weighs White House run. Everyone is all a twitter about Obama saying he is open to the possibility of running for preznit in 2008. Well, not everyone, but the blogs are busy with this new rumor. Personally, I think he's selling his book very effectively.
~ How we view God: from Time magazine. This is a more reader friendly version of info I posted about back in Septmeber.
~ More from Time: Denomination Nation. Seventy-seven percent of the U.S. population falls into one of three religious groups ­ Mainline Protestants, Evangelical Protestants and Catholics. They have a nifty map that shows where these folks live.
~ About: Buddhism offers a top ten list of topics, with several posts for each topic.

~ California Plans to Save Salton Sea.
~ The 100-Year Forecast: More Extreme Weather. Oh, what fun.
~ Antarctic ozone hole biggest ever: It's the size of Argentina and North America, Boulder experts say.
~ Working invisibility cloak created at last. But it ain't exactly Star Trek . . . yet.
~ Bill McKibben: How close to catastrophe? McKibben looks at five new books -- the good news and the bad about the environment.

I've got some more catching up to do after taking the weekend off, but this should hold you over for a while.

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