Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Spiritual Bypassing ~ Dialogue with Robert Augustus Masters and John Dupuy

This talk was brought to my attention by Arthur Gillard, a friend on Google + and other virtual locations. Masters and Dupuy are both psychotherapists and they are both integrally oriented, but their versions differ from the mainstream Wilberian integral crowd, so it's an interesting dialogue.

I reviewed Masters' Spiritual Bypassing when it came out. Click the image above to get the book at Amazon, or click this link - I highly recommend the book.

In the interest of full clarity, this dialogue is posted on the Profound Meditation Program site, a program designed to compete with Bill Harris's Holosync stuff. I don't know anything about these programs, and I don't go that route anyway. For me, mindfulness and simply trying to be "present" in my life are my meditation practices.

Spiritual Bypassing ~ Dialogue with Robert Augustus Masters and John Dupuy

In this dialog we discuss Robert Augustus Master's book, Spiritual Bypassing, and the idea that one must embrace the darkness and the suffering in order to transform and if one doesn't it causes manifold pathologies…this has been a key in developing Integral Recovery, as well as in my own personal healing and transformation. We also get very personal and talk about our prospective lives and experiences, as well as addressing some of the elephants in the halls of the Integral world. I hope you find it as helpful and compelling as I did. Robert also shares his first experience with PMP!


At a recent Enneagram workshop with Helen Palmer and Leslie Hershberger, I heard the book, Spirital Bypassing, by Robert Augustus Masters, referenced several times and the intuitive voice said "get it." I had been aware of Robert Augustus Masters work and presence in the Integral world and beyond for some time. Robert had also made some supportive comments on my work in Integral Recovery early on. 

A couple of weeks after the Eneagram workshop I purchased a copy of Spiritual Bypassing and began reading it. OMG! What an amazing read and what profound and absolutely essential wisdom is being brought forward in this volume. I immediately started recommending it to all my students and clients. On a whim I looked up Robert's website and found his telephone number. I called Robert and left a message. A couple of hours later, as I was perusing our local Walmart, Robert called back. Leaning against an island of highly discounted Pepsicola cases, we had our first conversation. And as my friend, David Hollday once said, you can find God in Walmart. He's right near the children's tennis shoe section.
We immediately clicked and I suggested that we have this conversation again, soon, and get it out to all of you. Robert readily agreed and a week later we did, and here are the results. I hope you find it as inspiring and helpful as I did. God bless you all and keep up the deep work.

Love, John
June 17, 2012

Spiritual Bypassing
with Robert Augustus Masters and John Dupuy

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