Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dharma Quote: We Have to Do It for Ourselves

Snow Lion Publications Dharma Quote of the Week:

It is important to realize that there is nobody else who can wake us up and save us from samsara. There is no such thing in Buddhism. That may be Buddhism's biggest drawback, and at the same time its greatest advantage. This view shows us that there is nobody else in control of our lives, our experiences, our freedom or our bondage. Who is responsible? Who is in control? It is us. We are in control. We can bind ourselves further in samsara or we can free ourselves from it right now. It is all up to us. We are the ones who have to keep looking at our thoughts, looking for the nature of our mind. There is no guru, deity, buddha or bodhisattva out there to look for it for us. Although they would happily do this, it would not help us; it would only help them. We have to do it for ourselves. That is the key point.

~ From Mind Beyond Death, by Dzogchen Ponlop, published by Snow Lion Publications

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Steve said...

What I continue to wonder is what the ultimate nature is of that which has the power to "control" us, and how and why it so often fails so dismally at the task.