Wednesday, July 18, 2007

White Ravens

From the Daily Mail (via Neatorama, and others):

The rare white ravens which are starving to death

Birds of a feather stick together. But helpers at the Weardale Animal Sanctuary in County Durham were still astonished to find these three rare white ravens huddled close in a nearby churchyard.

The birds, which have snow-white colouring and blue eyes instead of ravens' usual jet black plumage, were starving to death and showed signs of being attacked by other crows.

Sanctuary manager Sally Rowley said the fledglings, named Tic, Tac and Toe, were "skin and bone and were just sitting, not moving".

The rare white ravens are said to be starving to death after being attacked by other crows

"They just sat in a bush and you could pick them off like an apple," she said.

It is thought the trio had been abandoned by their parents. But thanks to a diet of mince and parrot food at their new home, they look to have left their ravenous days behind them.

Poor birds -- looks like ravens have their own form of racism.

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