Thursday, July 19, 2007

Speedlinking 7/19/07

Quote of the day:

"You cannot make a man by standing a sheep on its hind legs. But by standing a flock of sheep in that position you can make a crowd of men."
~ Max Beerbohm

Image of the day:

~ Nutrition For Newbies -- "We've no doubt you'll be printing this article to hand to friends and relatives, along with cute chicks you want to woo with your nutritional wiles. Even though it's presumably for newbies, the article contains a lot of "I didn't know that," moments for vets."
~ Low Glycaemic Index Diets The Most Successful In Fighting Obesity -- "You have a greater possibility of losing weight if you eat a diet that is high in foods like lentils that release energy slowly once they have been consumed, rather than one that is high in foods that rapidly release sugar into the blood stream such as white bread, a Cochrane Systematic Review has concluded. When foods are eaten the body breaks them down into their components, and one component will be sugar. Different foods break down at different rates."
~ Exercise The Best Prescription For Adults With Type 2 Diabetes -- "There are no high quality data to assess how well dietary treatments for type 2 diabetes work in people who have just been told they have the disease, but there is evidence that taking on exercise seems to be one way of improving blood sugar levels, according to the findings of a Cochrane Systematic Review. Type 2 diabetes leaves a person at danger of having elevated levels of sugar (glucose) in their blood."
~ The 125 Best Foods for Men -- "We don't know what's better, the fact Biotest was finally recognized by the outside world for its quality, or that Tim Patterson agreed to a rare interview! We call it a coin toss."
~ Sore muscles should guide your exercise program -- "Your muscles should feel sore on some days after you exercise. If you go out and jog the same two miles at the same pace, day after day, you will never become faster, stronger or have greater endurance. If you stop lifting weights when your muscles start to burn, you won't feel sore on the next day and you will not become stronger. All improvement in any muscle function comes from stressing and recovering."
~ Key to a long life -- less insulin in the brain -- "Good, old-fashioned diet and exercise might keep you young by reducing the action of insulin in the brain, researchers reported on Thursday." Our bodies were not meant to deal with the high insulin levels caused by the modern diet, so this makes perfect sense.
~ 75 percent of Americans overweight by 2015 -- "If people keep gaining weight at the current rate, fat will be the norm by 2015, with 75 percent of U.S. adults overweight and 41 percent obese, U.S. researchers predicted."

~ Hostility linked to artery-clogging plaque -- "People who seem to always be looking for a fight may find themselves at greater risk of heart disease, a new study suggests." The bodymind is a curious creature.
~ Exercise may help with hard-to-treat depression -- "Regular exercise may improve depression symptoms in people who've failed to get better with antidepressant medication, the results of a small study suggest."
~ Self Discovery Through Journal Writing -- "Keeping a journal isn’t just for teenage girls. The benefits of writing in a journal on a daily basis are various and great. You can get true insights into hidden parts of yourself, look back and notice patterns or habits, and receive wonderful therapeutic benefits. It’s a wonderful way to release anger, or other emotions that you need an outlet for. Let’s take a look at some information about self discovery through journal writing."
~ Amma's cosmic squeeze -- "My journey into the arms of Amma the hugging saint reminded me that humans are far more than neurologically programmed DNA machines."
~ Perfect Timing Doesn’t Exist. Stop Waiting For It -- "It bothers me when I hear people describe a personal set of conditions that need to be met before they can make the next move in their life."
~ LSD assisted psychotherapy study to start in Switzerland -- "The Royal Society of Chemistry reports that a research project investigating the potential benefits of LSD assisted psychotherapy for people with terminal illnesses has been given the go-ahead by the Swiss authorities." It's about time research on psychotropics gets restarted.
~ Managing the Self -- "Constant management of our social personas can backfire."
~ Oxytocin for Shyness [The Corpus Callosum] -- "There is new information indicating that an oxytocin nasal spray could be used to treat shyness. Oxytocin is a peptide hormone best known for its role in childbirth and breastfeeding. These are known as peripheral actions, meaning they take place outside of the central nervous system (CNS)."
~ Career Chemistry: The Best Jobs for Six Personality Types -- "When seeking your true love, you had better look for someone with a compatible personality. The same thing is true when choosing your career. "
~ See also: Career Chemistry: Best Jobs for Enterprising People, Career Chemistry: Best Jobs for Social People, Career Chemistry: Best Jobs for Orderly People, Career Chemistry: Best Jobs for Hands-On People, Career Chemistry: Best Jobs for Investigative People, Career Chemistry: Best Jobs for Artistic People.

~ Bush: No Deal on Children's Health Plan -- "'President Bush yesterday rejected entreaties by his Republican allies that he compromise with Democrats on legislation to renew a popular program that provides health coverage to poor children,' reports Christopher Lee of The Washington Post."
~ CIA Dissenters Aided Secret Prisons Probe -- ""Dissident US intelligence officers angry at former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld helped a European probe uncover details of secret CIA prisons in Europe, the top investigator said on Tuesday," reports Reuters."
~ Fairness in the American media -- "The case for keeping the airwaves unfair and unbalanced."
~ Ron Paul, libertarian Republican -- "Is this would-be president brave or crazy?"
~ How to Leave Iraq -- "If done right, a withdrawal could save American lives, contain the violence and restore U.S. credibility."
~ Pentagon Rebukes Clinton on Iraq -- "The Pentagon has issued a stinging rebuke to Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton, arguing that she is boosting enemy propaganda by asking how the U.S. plans to eventually withdraw from Iraq." Bullshit logic -- this country was founded upon the right to dissent.

~ BACKWARD RESEARCH GOES FORWARD -- "University of Washington physicist (and science-fiction author) John Cramer is moving forward with his experiment in backward causality, thanks in part to tens of thousands of dollars in contributions sent in by his fans. Although Cramer emphasizes that his lab is looking at “nonlocal quantum communication” rather than backward time travel per se, the gadgetry he’s assembling could settle a controversy surrounding a seemingly faster-than-light effect that Albert Einstein thought was downright spooky."
~ Ice Age survivors in Iceland -- "Many scientists believe that the ice ages exterminated all life on land and in freshwater in large parts of the Northern Hemisphere, especially on ocean islands such as Iceland."
~ High-tech bionic hand invented in England -- "The new, high-tech i-LIMB bionic hand, with five motorized fingers, will soon be sold in Britain for about $17,000, The Telegraph reported Thursday." But will it give the user super strength?
~ German City Pioneers Use of Solar Energy -- "Rolf Disch has harnessed the sun in his city of Freiburg, starting with his own house. It looks like an upside-down Apollo spacecraft and serves as a testing ground for ideas dreamed up by the 63-year-old solar architect. The home slowly turns with the sun to charge a billboard-sized solar panel on the roof, and the waterless toilet emits an occasional malodorous whiff."
~ Measuring the unseeable: Researchers probe proteins' 'dark energy' -- "Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine are the first to observe and measure the internal motion inside proteins, or its “dark energy.” This research, appearing in the current issue of Nature has revealed how the internal motion of proteins affects their function and overturns the standard view of protein structure-function relationships, suggesting why rational drug design has been so difficult."
~ Scientists work to create nanogenerator -- "U.S. scientists are developing a nanogenerator -- a tiny device that produces electricity from flowing blood, pulsating blood vessels, or a beating heart."
~ Study: Glaciers And Ice Caps To Dominate Sea-Level Rise Through 21st Century -- "Ice loss from glaciers and ice caps is expected to cause more global sea rise during this century than the massive Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, according to a new University of Colorado at Boulder study."

~ STRESS....! and Meditation -- "It all amounts to.... S.T.R.E.S.S.S.S.S!!! I don't know about you, but I feel it in the gut. A kind of continual seething, a perpetual sense of something left undone without being able to focus quite exactly on what it is."
~ Explorations and goals -- "Many of the spiritual traditions are heavily goal oriented. There is a shorter term goal of living a life that works better for oneself and others, in terms of reducing suffering. And a longer term and over arching goal of Ground awakening to itself, at least in some parts of the traditions. There is nothing wrong in this, but it is also only part of the picture, and can create some problems if taken as all there is to it."
~ On Integral Service -- "From Chapter 3 of the book, “Patterns in Clouds and Other Nonsense: A Primer for Integral Life Practice in Psychotherapy” by David M. Zeitler"
~ Big Love Integral: 3 -- "The guided practices I'm teaching, which include my own meditation called Big Love, the Relationship Meditation (no surprise, huh?), involves discovering the truth about your relationship, and how you know this other soul. I also include Tonglen, the Buddhist compassion meditation, guided imagery, Focusing and Felt Sense, and Soul Linking."

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