Friday, April 13, 2007

Christopher Hitchens: "The Moral Necessity of Atheism"

I don't generally like Christopher Hitchens, but he is quite erudite and witty -- so I respect him. I thoroughly disagree with him about Iraq. This speech is a bit of an aberration in that he is not too snarky, but is somewhat funny.

Further, I am not an atheist in the general sense, nor am I a theist -- although I have posted quite a bit of atheist material here. Atheism is, to me, a sign that we are moving -- slowly and painfully -- out of the primarily authoritarian, mythic order world view. In this sense, I think it is crucial that we pay attention to the movement and attempt to guide it to be more compassionate (which it seems to lack in the hands of Harris and Dawkins).

Although this looks long, the speech is only 30 minutes or so, followed by a Q&A.

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