Thursday, February 01, 2007

Obama Gives Faux News the Boot

I posted a clip yesterday of Jon Stewart making fun of Faux News for running the "Obama went to a madrassa story," which was attributed to a leak from the Clinton camp. I think the unbalanced wingnuts over at Insight magazine made it up (this site is owned by the same freaks who own the Washington Times), personally, in an effort to derail the enthusiasm Democrats seem to be feeling for both candidates. Whatever.

So now the WaPo runs a story saying the Obama's people have kicked Faux people out of the room whenever the charismatic Senator is around. Serves them right. Dumbasses.
Sources tell The Sleuth that the Obama camp has "frozen out" Fox News reporters and producers in the wake of the network's major screw-up in running with the erroneous Obama-the-jihadist story reported by Insight magazine.

"I'm still in the freezer," one Fox journalist said, noting that the people at Fox "suffering the most did nothing wrong." (It was "Fox and Friends" host Steve Doocy who aired the Insight magazine piece, which reported that operatives connected to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) found out that Obama, as a child, was educated at a Muslim madrassah in Indonesia.)

Another Fox journalist called the network's airing of the story "unfortunate" for the network's journalists who have to cover Obama and who are being adversely affected despite not being involved in the incident.

Since the madrassah incident, Obama has given interviews to ABC, CNN, CBS and NBC -- pretty much every other network except Fox. Sources close to Obama acknowledged that they're not thrilled to play ball with Fox journalists, but they stopped short of saying they are freezing the network out.

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