Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Blogisattva Award Nominations

The annual Blogisattva Award nominations are out -- posted in full detail over at Blogisattva.

As summarized at Blogmandu, IOC has been honored with eight nominations:
Bill Harryman and his blog Integral Options CafĂ© led the way with eight nominations, including Best Blog; Best Multi-part Post, for the series “Who Owns God?”; and the Wordsmithing Prize. Bill also garnered nominations for two series within his blog, "speedlinking," a daily link carnival, and "gratitude," a daily practice Bill had going for a spell where he blogged thanks for things or people in his life he felt grateful for.
All I can say is that I am grateful for the handful of regular readers that IOC has attracted over the time I have been doing this. And thank you to the folks at Blogisattva for the recognition.

There are many fine blogs and bloggers recognized in this year's expanded nominations, so please go check out the list and stop by each of the nominated blogs -- they are all doing great things in the blogosphere.

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Daniel O'Connor said...

Congrats Bill. VERY much deserved.