Monday, January 29, 2007

Steve Vai -- The Guitar Duel from Crossroads +

~C4Chaos posted a link to Guitar World's top 100 guitar solos, which I remember seeing a while back. ~C included some YouTube vids of solos he likes. Cool.

For some reason that post reminded me of the guitar duel from a really bad Ralph Macchio movie called Crossroads. Ralphie boy plays some geeky classical guitar whiz on the hunt for a lost Robert Johnson song. It's all very badly acted and the film is filled with overt racial stereotyping.

Toward the end, the Karate Kid has a showdown with the Devil's pet guitarist, played by Steve Vai, a god of guitarists, and the playing is pretty fun to watch, if you can ignore some of the stupidity.

Here is a Steve Vai song that I think tops anything in the Guitar World top ten list. This is called Tender Surrender, and it showcases the full range of Vai's talents.


~C4Chaos said...

LOL. yeah i remember that movie! it may be cheesy but the guitar licks are awesome!

and yeah love that Via tune. one of my favorites. but Satch is still the man ;)


Nagarjuna said...

What a gorgeous guitar solo! I've been a lover of great guitar for decades and have seen some of the finest guitarists on the planet, including John McLaughlin, Allan Holdsworth, Paco DeLucia, Al Dimeola, Steve Morse, Carlos Santana, Joe Satriani, Larry Coryell, Eric Johnson, Scott Henderson, George Benson, Jeff Beck, and on and on and on. Steve Vai belongs in that gallery of masters, as that solo readily shows. Thanks, Bill. By the way, I've been linking to some great guitar videos on my own blog and plan to continue doing so.