Thursday, September 21, 2006

Speedlinking 9/21/06

Morning image is "contemplate" by Gilad Benari.

I'm short on time, so these will be very speedy links.

~ Today is The International Day of Peace. If you can't make it to one of the events, please mark the day by trying to create an aura of peaceful acceptance wherever you go today. That's my goal for today.

~ National Geographic reports on the recent dicovery of "Lucy's baby," the first intact child found in a dig. You can see some pictures here.

~ Aeh at Pongsathorn's Blog takes a look at Thai Socio-cultural Center of Gravity: Traditional over Modern. Sample:
I see this evidence has a high correlation with the findings in my PhD research which show that Thai societal system is dominated by agricultural mode of subsistence over the industrial one. According to Lenski's Ecological-Evolutionary Theory, the agricultural technology is correlated with the traditional culture and the industrial technology is correlated with the modern culture.
If you want to get a sense for what is going on in that country right now, give this a read.

~ Jay at The Zero Boss is seeking advice on workplace crack etiquette. Please help him out -- crack is a terrible thing to see.

~ Joe Perez at Until has posted part one of a series, King and tyrants, blessings and admonitions, a look at Robert Moore's book on Jungian archetypes in men, King, Warrior, Magician, Lover. I was into Moore's work when I was a Jungian, but haven't thought about it in years. I think if we could see these archetypes as having level's of development, we might be in an even better place to understand how they function.

~ There is a new article by Chandra Alexandre, She's Everywhere: Exploring an Integral Women's Spirituality, over at Integrative Spirituality.

~ Edward Berge at Open Integral takes a look at Postmetaphysical Thinking in light of Wilber and Habermas, using comments by Alan Kazlev as a jumping off point.

~ Ken Wilber's blog has posted his forward to The Common Heart—An Experience of Inter-Religious Dialogue.

~ Mark Edwards at Open Integral examines The political manipulation of islamic fundamentalism.

More from the world outside of integral and Buddhism:

~ Katie Couric sucks, and she seems to have a political agenda (which we all knew already).

~ Bill Frist, Rick Santorum, and Conrad Burns top the list of corrupt polticians as determined by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

~ The story of the Canadian who was tortured in Syria on behalf of the CIA is getting a lot of attention, and so is the effectiveness of torture (or the lack thereof) and another story of extraordinary rendition is being covered by Mother Jones. Salon takes a critical look at where Bush's push for legalized torture has gotten him.

~ Political analysts think that where you shop is a better indication of how you'll vote than race, economic status, and just about anything else. Seems Target shoppers are swing voters.

~ Finally, Robert Samuelson thinks the internet has turned Americans (and the Western world for that matter) into exhibitionists. I think he has a point, but developmentally, it may be seen as regressive or transformative, depending on where an individual started, so it may not be all bad.

That's it for now. Have a great day.

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