Monday, September 18, 2006

Speedlinking 9/18/06

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Happy Monday. May your week get off to a good start.

~ Open Integral is focusing on the political side of things these days with a new post by Ed Berge called Are the US and Australia becoming fascist states? He's referencing the 14 traits of fascism in this post. He doesn't really expand on this original list or make a case, but most of us can see where he is going if we have been paying attention for the last five years. For a completely opposite (and partly insane) point of view on this, check out One Cosmos (I don't think there has never been a name for a blog that is so incredibly opposed to its content).

~ P2P Foundation takes a look at the lonelygirl15 phenomenon and how it may be indicative of a new trend in attempting "to display prowess in creating an online and crossover to broadcast media buzz."

~ James at genius of insanity looks at Torture Inc., his take on the Bush administration's policies in the war on terror.

~ CJ Smith at Indistinctunion takes a look at Benedict-ion I, the Pope's statements and their resulting outcry in the Middle East. The post mostly looks at the statements themselves and whether they are logically and theologiocally sound.

~ Dave Pollard at How to Save the World posts an article on Patient-Centred, Patient-Controlled Health Care: How the System Should Work, complete with cool diagrams.

~ CJ Smith at Indistinctunion was busy this weekend -- he also posted on Why We Haven't Been Attacked in Five Years, a look at how bin Laden's approach is out-dated.

~ Joe Perez at Until posts a response to ebuddha's query on integral values.

~ Brian at Zaadz posts a link to an article on a World Map of Happiness.

~ Buddhist philosopher at American Buddhist takes a look at Buddhism: in the news.

~ Over at Truthdig, Sam Harris takes on the Pope and his speech from last week. Harris is always a fun read if you don't mind the flatland worldview. Seems his exposure to integral didn't take.

~ The Guardian (UK) takes a look at Bill Clinton's outrage (not covered in the US media) over ABC's farce of a 9/11 movie, The Path to 9/11. They frame it within the larger issue of his comeback on the world stage.

~ Two articles on Barack Obama yesterday suggest he may have his eye on the White House. First, an AP article offers Obama's views on national security. Then there was the earlier article in the New York Times which points out that Obama might say he is not running, but he isnt really not running either.

~ ABC news reports on an AP photographer (an Iraqi) who has been held for five months without charges being filed. They want him charged or released. This is why we doubt our government and its intentions.

~ Time magazine takes a look at what a war with Iran might look like.

And that's all I have for this Monday morning. Be nice to each other out there.

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Anonymous said...

At Open Integral I tend to just introduce a topic in the main blog and then follow up and develop it in the comments as I interact with others. If you want more on US fascism and the liberal response on how to fix it, please read the comments. And thanks for posting about it here.