Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Speedlinking 9/19/06

Image of the day is from National Geographic's Rivers of America.

I'm blogging this morning in the new Qumana 3.0 editor. I had tried an earlier version and wasn't thrilled. So I'm giving this version a test run. The Blog Columnist gave it a mostly good review.

~ Beliefnet has partnered with Sojourners founder Jim Wallis to create a new blog, God's Politics. Wallis is currently going toe-to-toe with the radical right's Ralph Reed (part one and part two).

~ About Buddhism offers a Q&A about the Four Noble Truths.

~ Steve Pavlina's Personal Development Blog takes a look at Subjective Reality Analogies. This is just another way of saying that the interior is real and valid.

~ Matthew Dallman expands on why he likes the Basic Program, which is essentially a Great Books approach to expanding consciousness. In another post, MD takes a look at the conflation of the GOP with conservatism and finds the equation false.

~ Justin Whitaker at American Buddhist has a nice post on a Thich Nhat Hanh book, called Cultivating the Mind of Love. The post is actually on being a Buddhist in academia, and on understanding that our true connection to reality is through our relationships with people, not philosophies.

~ CJ Smith at Indistinctunion has another good post on the Iraq War situation, this one looking at the possibility of a draw down in troops.

~ Integrative Spirituality posted an article by none other than Michael Murphy on Toward a Natural History of Supernormal Attributes. This is a reprint from 2002, but Murphy hasn't written much of late, so it's nice to see his voice again.

~ Dave at via negativa offers up Blogging tools I’d like to see.

~ Ryan Oelke at Anxious Living posts Typology and Social Anxiety: Part 1. This is one of my favorite blogs.

~ ebuddha at Integral Practice continues his exploration of integral values with In Praise Of An Integral Value - Habeas Corpus - Or perhaps a eulogy for it's death?

~ Will at thinkBuddha.org offers the semi tongue-in-cheek What do Buddhists Look Like?

~ The Washington Post had two worthy editorials yesterday: Poverty's Changing Faces by Bradley Schiller and Time for Integrity by Richard Cohen. The later article looks at the McCain led resistance to Bush's attempts to legalize torture.

~ National Geographic looks at "The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation last week announced that they will contribute $100 million and $50 million respectively to help Africa's rural farmers boost food production."

~ Finally, when words fail you, there is always the insult generator. Here is an example of its work: "You sloppy eruption of synthetic donkey droppings." Not bad -- creative, gross, and to the point.

That's a full lid. Have a great day.

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