Sunday, September 17, 2006

Speedlinking 9/17/06

Image of the day is by Kohone5 at deviantART.

I'm feeling a bit lazy this morning, especially since I have to get some work done today, so this will be an abbreviated speedlinking session. Back to the full-on version tomorrow. Besides, I'll probably procrastinate when I should be working by posting stuff here.

~ Elza of Lebanon Rising is in Kuwait on business and ran into a fellow Lebanese. She learned a bit about making assumptions based on religion rather than on values.

~ Philocrites, at his blog of the same name, muses on the emergence of a new blog that seeks to tackle trying to launch a "new Reformation" in liberal religion, and finds it too academic for his tastes. He wants to see UU find its soul, from what I gather, and not so much worry about the intellectual stuff.

~ ~C4Chaos wants us to listen to Rick Warren and Dan Dennett and then compare and contrast.

~ Jay at The Zero Boss took his kids to The Puyallup Fair? But That’s in…Puyallup! I miss the Puyallup fair, especially the weaner pig races.

~ Katherine Turner at Dating God has another good post. I consistently enjoy her blog -- her insight, her honesty, and her vulnerability.

~ Joe ar Rising Up met a guy in a bar and had a conversation. Oh yeah, they actually talked about something of substance for a few minutes.

~ Dave Pollard at How to Save the World offers his weekly link collection.

~ One of Ken Wilber's assistants posted the NYC travel diary. Fun was had by all -- and KW must be a Bodhisattva.

~ Ray Harris at Open Integral takes on The Pope and Islam.

~ Bill at Oaksong's Nemeton is taking on Thoughts on the Occupation of Iraq, Part One.

~ As pointed out by the good folks at Real Clear Politics, the Dems are so intent on equating everything with Bush that they cannot articulate an agenda of what they would do if they were given control on the Hill. For once, they need to listen to the other side -- Peggy Noonan makes good sense in general.

~ Former President Clinton attended a blogger lunch last week that was all the talk among the porgressive bloggers invited to attend. Apparently, the progrssives are as guilty of the "good old boy" mentality as the conservatives once were -- but then Althouse is part of the problem, too -- and she sould know better (but then, so should Malkin, and she could pass as a Southern Baptist preacher some days). See here, here, and here for some appropriate feminist rage.

That's alll the news that's gonna get mentioned.

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