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Dr. John Ratey is the co-author, along with Richard Manning, of Go Wild: Free Your Body and Mind from the Afflictions of Civilization. This podcast originally appeared on Dr. Ginger Campbell's Books and Ideas podcast, where Dr. Ratey has been a guest a couple of times.

Here is the publisher's blurb from Amazon:
The scientific evidence behind why maintaining a lifestyle more like that of our ancestors will restore our health and well-being.

In GO WILD, Harvard Medical School Professor John Ratey, MD, and journalist Richard Manning reveal that although civilization has rapidly evolved, our bodies have not kept pace. This mismatch affects every area of our lives, from our general physical health to our emotional wellbeing. Investigating the power of living according to our genes in the areas of diet, exercise, sleep, nature, mindfulness and more, GO WILD examines how tapping into our core DNA combats modern disease and psychological afflictions, from Autism and Depression to Diabetes and Heart Disease. By focusing on the ways of the past, it is possible to secure a healthier and happier future, and GO WILD will show you how.
Good podcast.

"Go Wild" with Dr. John Ratey (podcast)

Ginger Campbell, MD
Monday, June 23, 2014

Richard Manning and John Ratey (click photo to play mp3)

Episode 55 of Books and Ideas is an interview with Dr. John Ratey, co-author of Go Wild: Free Your Body and Mind from the Afflictions of Civilization. There is considerable evidence that our hunter-gatherer ancestors were generally suprisingly healthy, so the purpose of this book and our conversation was to explore the scientific evidence supporting a return to a healthier lifestyle. We touch on diet, exercise, the role of sleep and even meditation. We also explore the importance of our relationship with nature and each other.

Listen to Episode 55 of Books and Ideas

Episode Transcript (Download PDF)

Since I have previously interviewed Dr. Ratey about his books Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain (BSP 33) and Driven To Distraction: Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from Childhood Through Adulthood (BSP 45), I will be also be posting this episode in the Brain Science Podcast feed.

Additional references are available in the Free Episode Transcript

  • This episode of Books and Ideas will appear in the Brain Science Podcast feed tomorrow. The next episode of the Brain Science Podcast will be posted in late July.
  • Since I am starting a Fellowship in Palliative Care Medicine next month I am not sure when I will publish another episode of Books and Ideas, but I do plan a future episode about Palliative Care.
  • I am speaking at The Amazing Meeting next month in Las Vegas. Check the schedule for the exact time and be sure to drop me an email if you are going to be there.
  • I also plan to attend Podcast Movement 2014 which is being held in Dallas in August.
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