Saturday, December 17, 2011

@Google Presents: John Merrow, "The Influence of Teachers"

Good stuff - we really need to rethink how we educate our children. It's not enough any more to know facts and data. In the rapidly evolving world it has become crucial that people know how to think and ask questions, not simply know the answers.

John Merrow is the author of, as you might have guessed, The Influence of Teachers: Reflections on Teaching and Leadership.

@Google Presents: John Merrow, "The Influence of Teachers"
How can schools and teachers change to keep up with the current educational landscape, a world in which young people must learn how to ask the right questions, not merely parrot back the 'right' answers? In this urgent and insightful book, John Merrow draws on his experience as a reporter for PBS and NPR to examine this question and others, and offer possibilities and solutions for a new education system. Told through warm storytelling and compelling case studies, Merrow paints a vibrant and inspiring picture of why and how we must transform - not reform - our schools.

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