Wednesday, December 14, 2011

TEDxNaperville - Richard Hill - Consecrate the Madness

Interesting - anyone who does 25 years of Ironman triathlons is pretty tough.

TEDxNaperville - Richard Hill - Consecrate the Madness

When your body is telling you to slow down and your brain is over analyzing every situation, how can you overcome obstacles and succeed during the most challenging times? Richard outlines the strategy he used when competing in the Ironman Championship with a broken toe.

Richard Hill has been a consultant for businesses leaders on issues of strategy, performance enhancement, and leadership excellence since 1988. He has worked with CEO's of over 300 organizations ranging from small, entrepreneurial startups, to established Fortune 100 companies. Additionally, He has conducted numerous workshops and seminars for YPO and EO Forums in the Chicagoland area.

A graduate from the University of Illinois in 1984, Rich has studied and trained extensively in the areas of Organizational Coaching and Organizational Transformation. Prior to founding Gabriel Consulting Group in 1996, Rich served as a senior consultant with The Clarion Group, a firm specializing in cultural transformation in the healthcare industry. While at Clarion, Rich not only consulted to business leaders but also created and led programs designed to train and develop other coaches and consultants seeking to impact individual and organizational performance. Additionally, Rich brings a diverse background to his work that includes a bachelors degree in theatre, meditation, varied experience as a small business owner, and personal transformation.

Rich lives in Geneva, Illinois with his wife and two young children. He and his wife also have four adult children. Rich is a top ranking 25 year veteran amateur triathlete, having qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. He also enjoys writing, composing music and performing, and currently serves as board president for the Four Winds Waldorf School in Warrenville, Illinois.

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