Monday, January 17, 2011

New Integral Blog - Evolutionary Landscapes

Jeremy Johnson (of the Single Eye Movement blog, which is also quite cool) has launched a new collaborative integral blog, Evolutionary Landscapes, meant to be non-sectarian (not Wilber-based), spiritually inclusive, and accessible to people not highly educated in a particular topic.

Here is the blog description he offers at the site:

Evolutionary Landscapes

This blog is an attempt to create a place where mysticism, philosophy, and evolutionary perspectives can mingle. Its second goal is to present these topics in an accessible way.

There are many places on the web that focus just on Buddhism, or meditation, or perhaps some other specific practice. There are also lots of places that talk about the evolution of consciousness, but where do these two streams meet? This humble blog is an attempt to do just that. We encourage discussion on a variety of subjects because we believe they are not truly separate areas, and stirring them together in one pot might create something interesting. For instance, how is spirituality emerging in the 21st century, what does that say about where humanity is headed?

This blog is also "non-sectarian," meaning we are interested in the world's contemplative and mystical traditions, but our site is not themed around any one of them. The same can be said for many of thinkers on the evolution of consciousness. We'd like to create a place where we can talk about Ken Wilber, Jean Gebser, Terrence McKenna, and Sri Aurobindo alongside Meister Eckhart and Dogen Zenji.
There is also a resources page for those who want a little background in various approaches to integral theory (lots of cool links).

If you would like to contribute, here are the guidelines:


Are you interested in contributing to this blog? If you would like to participate, please send me an email detailing what you’d like to do (blog post, essay, or any other form of media). I’m hoping to keep this “non-sectarian” and open minded. Contribution is always welcome, but I would like to follow some guidelines:
  • Keep it accessible. Longer essays will definitely be encouraged, but keep in mind this is not intended to be academic! There will be a special section for more in-depth and detailed essays.
  • Current events and social commentary are welcome. I’m looking for unique and interesting reflections on the direction we are headed in the 21st century.
  • Book, blog and movie reviews are strongly encouraged. Is there a new book or blog post out by an author you feel is related to this site?
  • Spiritual commentary is always a plus. In our materialistic culture we don’t often have access to media that is related to cultivating a spiritual path. This blog is, in that sense, running against the current. It’s my hope we can create a small but bustling digital sacred space. People from all walks of life and all paths are welcome. In fact, I hope to encourage inter-path dialogue.
  • If you’d like to help the site evolve, contact me about it. I’m hoping that those who are interested will chime in and offer ways to help the site grow.
  • My dream is that this place can eventually become a humble but successful online magazine full of interesting articles on mysticism, science, evolution and spirituality.

    Some themes and questions:
  • Where is humanity headed in the 21st century?
  • Where does the spiritual path fit in with our contemporary lifestyle, if at all?
  • Is the sacred space still a reality to be found amongst our gadgets and Facebook updates?
  • A century ago, Teilhard imagined a future Earth where humanity was brought together by technological, social and spiritual means. He deemed this the "noosphere." How is the internet a potential early manifestation of Teilhard's vision?
  • What can complexity science, ecology and chaos theory tell us about the evolution of consciousness?
  • In popular culture, what's changing? How is technology affecting our identity? Are we becoming planetary citizens?

Check it out - there are a few good posts up already.

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