Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Buddhist Geeks 204: Virtual Vajrayana w/ David Nichtern

Cool interview with a very cool guy. I discovered Nichtern through his column on Huffington Post a while back. I've been loving the guests Vince has had on - he's become the Charlie Rose of online Buddhist talk shows.

BG 204: Virtual Vajrayana

BG 204: Virtual Vajrayana

17. Jan, 2011 by David Nichtern

Episode Description:

Senior Shambhala teacher David Nichtern joins us to geek out about some of the potential consequences of our rapidly developing technologies on the Vajrayana tradition. We speak extensively about the ramifications of greater degrees of virtual reality, how our sense experiences (what in Buddhism are referred to as the ayatanas) are already virtual, and how visualization practice, in particular, could be impacted by these developments. We also speak about the importance of “authentic presence”–or what David’s son Ethan calls “Keepin’ it Real”–as Buddhism moves forward into future generations.

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