Thursday, July 29, 2010

On My Way to California #itc2010

I'm in Phoenix right now, waiting for my flight to Oakland to board. Free wi-fi is the bomb (do people still say that?).

I'm excited to be attending this second biannual Integral Theory Conference. I wanted to attend the first one but that year I had been to Washington DC for the Psychotherapy Networker conference and then went to Chicago for the Integral Family Systems conference. Money does not grow on trees, unfortunately.

A couple of notes - I will be posting as much and as often as possible - maybe even while a session is occurring.

I will use the #itc2010 hashtag in all titles - this is so that people can easily find the posts on Twitter.

Most of my stuff ends up at Facebook, when Facebook works as it is supposed to work.

My friend John Wagnon, a very knowledgeable person when it comes to integral theory, will be guest posting here during the conference - especially on the panel of Integral Criticism.

I look forward to meeting many of you who I have only known on the internet. This will be fun. Gotta go - the plane is loading.


Michael- said...

keep us posted on Gafni-gate...

Anonymous said...

yes, please keep us posted. It seems the thought police have had the last 'say' in this matter.

The letter from Wilber and Kempton is sickening to those who actually lived through what happened in Israel, know the victims of his earlier 'unwise' actions and care deeply about the future of Integral.

Claiming that all of this is part of a widespread conspiracy is just, frankly, the height of absurd. I can name many, many more "names" than Wilber does. Teachers, students, colleagues, Rabbis, women and men from across religious and cultural spectrums all of whom, without exception, have experienced Gafni's illness first hand. They have absolutely nothing to gain from 'slandering' him-unlike our Integral leadership.

Please do keep us posted WH and thank you.