Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's a Beautiful day in the East Bay, #itc2010

Wow, I had nearly forgotten what an 80 degree day without humidity and gray skies feels like - and TREES! Real, honest to god trees, with leaves and everything.

Anyway, I feel I should post a warning to all of those I will meet in the coming days - I am an introvert, with social anxiety - doesn't get much worse than that. I look forward to meeting all of you, or at least those who know me, vaguely, from the blogs and from Facebook.

The other thing is that I am ADD, which makes me bad with names, bad with numbers, and I have a tendency to think faster than my mouth can talk . . . either that, or, well . . . I'm sticking with that.

I have changed my image here and at Facebook to a photo of me from a couple of years ago - I still kinda look like that, with a bit more hair. Please say "Hi!" if you see me - I'm not likely to recognize many of you in person until I see you a couple of times.

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