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Buddhist Geeks 162: Contributing to the Gross National Happiness (Richard Brown)

Another cool episode. Bhutan is one of the very coolest places on earth - the land, the people, the traditions. I would love to visit someday, until then, this is a nice discussion of the challenges they face in moving into the modern world without losing their identity as a people.

BG 162: Contributing to the Gross National Happiness

Buddhist Geeks 162: Contributing to the Gross National Happiness

Posted 08. Mar, 2010 by Richard Brown

Episode Description:

Richard Brown–a long time Buddhist and contemplative educator–joins us to share some of the details from his recent involvement in helping the small Buddhist country of Bhutan reform their public education system. Bhutan, which since the early 70’s has had as its main goal to increase Gross National Happiness, wants to create an education system that pulls the best from the West. The main principles they’re holding with this reform, include Contemplation, a Holistic approach, Sustainability, Cultural Integrity, and Critical Intellect. They’re aim is to educate their populace in such a way that they’re prepared for the onslaught of some of the more negative aspects of modernity–including the barrage of information and gross commercialization.

Richard was a core part of a recent 5-day workshop aimed at starting to plan the reform of their education system. Richard shares many of the details from that workshop, and shares some of the amazing steps that Bhutan has already taken, as a result, to foster the happiness and well-being of their countries inhabitants.

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Naropa University Educators Assist Bhutan in Overhauling its Educational System

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