Tuesday, March 09, 2010

International Network on Personal Meaning - Meaning Conference 2010

Here is the recent announcement for the Meaning Conference 2010, sponsored by International Network on Personal Meaning. Check out their website for some cool content.

By the way, August in Vancouver is awesome (I lived in Seattle for many years).

As a note, their website seems a little out of date, with only the 2008 conference posted. The info below came from the Adult Development listserve and was posted by Michael Lamport Commons, Ph.D., so I trust it is valid. If this sounds interesting to you, I'd contact them.
Meaning Conference 2010

The International Network on Personal Meaning (INPM) is pleased to announce the 6th Biennial International Meaning Conference to be held August 5-8, 2010 in Vancouver, Canada. The main conference theme this year is:

Creating a psychologically healthy workplace: Meaning, spirituality and engagement

In the context of the workplace, a growing number of organizations are recognizing that mental health and employee engagement play a key role in generating corporate wealth. This conference explores the idea that meaningful employment holds the key to personal and societal well being, organizational excellence, and national prosperity. In today’s highly competitive global economy, building human strengths and fostering resilience at the personal and organizational level are more important now than ever before.

Like all previous Meaning Conferences, INPM brings together a diverse group of the world's leading thinkers, research scientists, and professionals to tackle the challenge of creating positive organizations that can flourish and thrive in a difficult and uncertain economic time. The 2010 meeting in Vancouver will adopt a strengths-based framework for understanding how to develop the full potential of people and the organizations in which they work. Examples of "psychological capital" to be examined include meaning, spirituality, creativity, trust and authentic leadership.

Consistent with previous INPM meetings, the 2010 conference will place a premium on providing delegates with opportunities for active and extensive interactions with speakers and other delegates. Through the principle of collective strategic networking, we hope the conference will facilitate a new vision for the 21st Century and help define what it means to be a psychologically healthy workplace.

Through invited addresses, paper and poster presentations, workshops, case studies, and open sessions, a wide range of workplace issues will be explored.

Submit a 300-word abstract to Dr. Paul T. P. Wong, Conference Chair before April 30th , 2010. Graduate student submissions are encouraged.

CE credits will be available. This conference is ideal for all those who are concerned with positive organizational development. We welcome participation by psychologists, counselors, coaches, human resource specialists, organizational scholars, business consultants, occupational health & safety personnel, and leaders in business, industry and non-profit organizations. Students and individuals interested in developing a fulfilling career or vocation are also welcome.

Mark on your calendar for Aug. 5-8, and register for the conference online.

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