Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Martine Batchelor - The Path of Compassion

Very cool.

The Path of Compassion

Speaker: Martine Batchelor

In the Mahayana, the Bodhisattva precepts are based on compassion. The precepts call us to look at our intentions and then the consequences of our actions – if we can become aware of these, then we might do differently the next time. Even with people who might be difficult for us, a natural desire to ease their suffering will arise when we live aligned with the precepts. Martine points out that compassion is not just a practice; it is also an effect of practice and meditation. In this way, meditation is not an escape from the world. Instead, it dissolves our self-centeredness and grasping so that we may respond more compassionately and creatively to the suffering in the world.

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