Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jay Early - The Seven Types of Inner Critics

The Center for Self Leadership has recently launched a blog for the Internal Family Systems Therapy model. This is a new post, on one of my favorite topics, the inner critic.

The Inner Critic is not a single part of you; there can be a number of critical parts that judge you in different ways or for different reasons. In our study of the Inner Critic, we have identified seven types of Inner Critics that people are troubled by.

Tries to get you to do things perfectly. Has very high standards for behavior, performance, and production.

Inner Controller
Tries to control impulsive behavior that might not be good for you or others, or might be dangerous.

Tries to get you to work hard or be disciplined in order to be successful or to avoid being mediocre.

Tries to undermine your self-confidence and self-esteem so you won’t take risks that might be dangerous, or so you won’t try and fail, or so you won’t get to big or powerful or visible and therefore be attacked or rejected.

Makes pervasive attacks on your fundamental self-worth. Deeply shaming. Believes you shouldn’t exist.

Attacks you for some specific action you have taken or not taken in the past or for repeated behavior that has been harmful to others or violates a deeply-help value.

Tries to get you to fit a certain mold or be a certain way that comes from your family or culture—e.g. caring, aggressive, polite. It attacks you when you aren’t and praises you when you are.

You can take a questionnaire to determine which types may be a problem for you. For each Critic type that you score high on, you can read a report that describes that type of Critic and gives a brief idea of how to begin transforming it.

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