Monday, January 26, 2009

NCAA - Houston's Aubrey Coleman Stomps On Face of Arizona's Chase Budinger After Charging Call

This was horrible. I don't like Arizona or Chase Budinger, but the kid who did this to him should be suspended for the rest of the season, and maybe have his scholarship revoked. He got nailed with a charging call and acted like a three-year-old. He sucks as a human being.
At 2-5 in the Pac-10, Arizona itself might be a bit of a doormat, but that doesn't make it OK to just go around and wipe your feet on Chase Budinger's face.

That's what Houston's Aubrey Coleman did to Budinger yesterday, and while I can't say for sure that I know the man's intent, you know, he did stomp on a guy's face, showed no signs of offering any kind of apology, and smiled while receiving a congratulatory "Hey, way to step on that guy's face!" high-five on his way off the floor. To me, that's unsportsmanlike.

Coleman was hit with a flagrant foul and ejected, but the dumbass coach defending his player's actions as an "accident" is totally unfathomable. The coach needs to step up and suspend the player, or he is no better than the asshat player.

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