Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The D'Ark Night Film Festival

I know a few of my readers are film makers, so I thought I'd post this for y'all -- it came as email addressed to Elegant Thorn Review, my poetry and photography blog.
WCMR PRESS ANNOUNCEMENT* The D'Ark Night Film Festival , from the West Coast Midnight Run, for lovers of indie short films

Summer is here and sooner or later everyone heads to the theaters for a break. All the big blockbusters are already out save for one. Once you are done regaling yourself at the movies and you find yourself bored and restless do look in the newest independent film festival, the D'Ark Night Film Festival, courtesy of the West Coast Midnight Run, the newest kid and possibly the most independent magazine there is yet. Never heard of us? I just got through telling you we are the most independent media outlet there is.

So if you are feeling like patronizing struggling artists, taking a break from boredom, and looking up some of the best film and video shorts around, give the D'Ark Night Film Festival a look over.

If you are an amateur lover of Cinema and feel you have your own film and/or video clip that might be worthwhile sharing at the festival, there are a few entry guidelines that you should review. Contact details for submissions are listed at the festival. Film entries will be accepted all year until next summer.

We are trying to make this enjoyable for everyone. Feel like adding your comments, there is a blog section just for the occasion but please keep it clean and appropriate. We'd like everyone to be able to have a good time with this program.

Jim Davis,
Press Relations Manager
on behalf of the editorial team
The West Coast Midnight Run
D'Ark Night Film Festival URL:
* As an eco-friendly publication we resist the temptation of distributing press release on printed trees. Please join us in helping reduce the load on the environment and in responsibly using the internet.

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Anonymous said...

Overall a nice job. I really would have like to have seen a few original shorts showcased but I guess they are just starting out with their first annual festival. So far I have not heard of them mentioned by name or quoted in the mainstream media even though some of their material is highly outspoken. Interesting.