Friday, August 15, 2008

Neuroscience of Conflict Resolution

Dr. Jeff Schwartz does a little "parts work" here, in taking on various parts of the brain to explain their role -- he is interviewed by "Radio Neuro."

Watch the video.


Anonymous said...

I loved this video. Watching Jeff role play the parts of the brain is great, and, as noted in the session, leaves a lasting memory.

I am fortunate to have met Jeff and worked with him, though in a fairly limited way. We are applying some of Jeff's and other neuroscience to organizational change. By aligning organizational change initiatives with how the brain function, we have found individuals become much more excited about and engaged in driving change in their organizations. The change must align with their core values to be accepted, but once accepted the speed and depth of the change are much better than anyone previously thought possible.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting a link to our presentation. Curious to know where you found that link? If you are interested in neuroscience, please drop by our blog at .

william harryman said...


Thanks for adding to the video with your own work. Very cool.


I am a regular reader of your blog (through Google Reader) - thanks for posting all of the good stuff you do.