Friday, March 14, 2008

Kurt Vonnegut - How to Get a Job Like Mine (2002)

Great stuff - taped when he received his honorary doctorate from Albion College.

BTW, if you want to be a writer, never use a semi-colon.



Colin said...

"Semi-colons...stand for nothing; they are transvestite hermaphrodites." Nice, Kurt. My, he's poetic. Well he's an old fart white guy, and he lost me right at the start. I've come to realize that I use semi-colons too often, but I will never NOT use them at all. And I can still be a published writer. Crazier things have happened. Like Kurt himself.

Colin said...

Correction: He's a dead white guy. And a rather endearing, funny one at that, despite his crazy-as-a-loon nature. Or perhaps because of it.