Friday, January 18, 2008

Lojong Poems: Two


Lojong Poems: Two

~ Regard all dharmas as dreams

Storm clouds roll across the desert
bringing winds, dust clouds, a chill
in the morning air, but still
the thirst for rain remains unquenched

Walking amid saguaros, time easily
loses its domain, only the place
of the sun in the sky offers a glimpse
of how long I have been wandering

Muted shades of green and brown,
rocky soil, cactus, shrubs, all seem
less than real, a peyote hallucination
in my Seattle apartment

But I am here, I think, trying to see
through to the other side
of the mirror, the image behind
what I misconstrue as reality

When I sit on some stones
beside the creek, near prickly pear,
and watch a rabbit sip the cold water,
it seems I have always been here

Gazing into the moving water, lost
in its hypnotic gurgle, everything
becomes an illusion, even me, and
suddenly my heart becomes soft

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