Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Speedlinking 1/3/07

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~ From T-Nation: One Mile to Ripped, Part I, Aerobics vs. intervals: A personal case study, Fitness Resolutions You Can Keep -- Pay special attention to number 6 and never let a single mistake snowball into giving up.
~ Get fit without the gym -- Learn 8 easy moves you can do just about anywhere. These don't replace real resistance training, but they are good for beginners or those on the road.
~ Mechanism Of Black Cohosh Versus Hot Flashes Revealed -- This runs counter to a recent study that found no benefit from Black Cohosh.
~ New Neurons Could Act To Alleviate Epilepsy -- "The new neurons generated as a result of neural damage due to epilepsy show a reduced excitability that could alleviate the disorder, researchers have found. The researchers said their results suggest that therapies for epilepsy aimed at inducing neurogenesis could prove effective in alleviating the disorder."
~ Red Bull Not the Best Mixer -- Nothing like a wide awake drunk -- see the entry below on binge drinking.
~ On The Golf Tee Or Pitcher's Mound, Brain Dooms Motion To Inconsistency -- This probably explains why some guys are addicted to golf -- it's that variable ratio reinforcement schedule.
~ The Teflon Deception Continues -- "So far, however, any ban among manufacturers has been a voluntary one, and financial penalties, even in the millions of dollars, are mere chump change compared to the hundreds of billions made on products whose residues can be found in nearly every U.S. citizen."

~ Scanning The Brain For Transference -- "A unique new study that aims to use functional magnetic resonance imaging to measure changes in the brain when transference occurs is the subject of a symposium at the American Psychoanalytic Association's 2007 Winter Meeting." Finding a physical manifestation of a complex emotional state is pretty cool -- as long as it doesn't become reductionism.
~ How to raise a compassionate child -- "With so much hatred and turmoil in the world today, it seems more important than ever to raise kids who can understand and be kind to other people. This doesn't mean lectures or visits to soup kitchens. It's part of day-to-day life: how you answer your child's questions, how you solve conflict at the park."
~ Paying Attention Sets Off Symphony Of Cell Synchronization -- " You know the sensation. When something has your full attention you see it vividly. And when you don't pay attention, you're liable to miss something important."
~ New season of BBC All in the Mind kicks off -- Probably available on BBC America for those with cable, or at YouTube if we're lucky.
~ Correlating Brains, Bodies and Behaviors -- "Changes in brain size that correlate with changes in body size - and the implications of this fact are wide-reaching."
~ Experimental Existential Psychology -- Looks like mainstream psychology is starting to deal with the emergence of higher order development -- what used to be the domain of transpersonal psychology.
~ How Women Pick Mates vs. Flings -- "A new study suggests why Brad Pitt's chiseled jaw makes women weak in the knees, at least for a while."
~ From Steve Pavlina: My Experience of Creativity.
~ From Mike at Unknowing Mind: What Is Your Focus?

~ Binge Drinking Common Among High Schoolers -- Is that supposed to be news? When I was in high school (20 years ago) we drank to get shit-faced, not a cool buzz. It's the culture of high school and college to drink that way.
~ Hill GOP Is Cold to Bush Agenda -- Bush's agenda, whatever is left of it, is DOA.
~ Great Danes -- "We have seen the shiny future of U.S. liberalism. It's called Denmark." Why do I think that won't fly well in Kansas?
~ Reason's People of the Year: Screw Time magazine. Here's a list to ponder.
~ 20 Most Annoying Liberals (2006), from Right Wing News (so it must be true). Making the list are Andrew Sullivan (16), the Dixie Chicks (15), Al Gore (10), Jimmy Carter (2), and Keith Olbermann tops the list at Number 1.
~ Study: 2 of 5 Bosses Don't Keep Word -- "Nearly two of five bosses don't keep their word and more than a fourth bad mouth those they supervise to co-workers, the Florida State University study shows."
~ I had to include this from Matthew Dallman because Brett Favre IS a legend: BRETT FAVRE, LEGEND.

~ Single-payer insurance could help solve US health care crisis -- You think!? What is the most pressing problem facing the US economy? A good case can be made for the developing health care crisis.
~ States Take the Lead on Health Reform -- Maybe with the new Congress it won't have to be that way.
~ Four great Google applications you don't know about -- ebuddha and others have blogged about these, but here is a one-stop overview from Slate.
~ The Challenge of Global Health -- "The world health community needs to focus on effectively attacking a breadth of health and hunger issues or greater giving could lead to an increase in mortality in key poor countries."
~ India's Forgotten Tribes Gain Rights Over Forests.
~ Loss of wayward ice shelf linked to climate change, scientists say.
~ How the energy industry spent its holiday vacation -- "Just before Christmas, a federal appeals court gave ExxonMobil a $2.5 billion break, slashing in half the $5 billion in damages that had been awarded to thousands of Alaskans affected by the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill."
~ An interview with eco-celeb Ed Begley Jr.

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