Friday, January 05, 2007

Cool Site: Cultures on the Edge

Found this cool site via Neatorama, Cultures on the Edge:
Cultures On The Edge is an online magazine published quarterly by a team of experienced web entrepreneurs, along with world-renown author Wade Davis and professional photographer Chris Rainier. Together we have molded our skills to present a dynamic online magazine that hopes to support cultural diversity through education.

We are dedicated to open dialogue and increasing global awareness about unique segments of humanity. Through the use of the Internet, Cultures On The Edge brings contrasting worlds closer. The magazine allows developing cultures a chance to explore new technology while cultivating social awareness in our modern world. We hope developing cultures will communicate with and learn about similar groups around the planet, while modern cultures discover and study the rituals of history that still live today.
As well as having an admirable agenda, the site contains some amazing photographs as part of photo essays.

Mandaly, Burma, 1994

Agra, India, 1999

Day of Challa (Thanksgiving), Bolivia

The site currently contains two photo essays from which these pictures are taken (SE Asia and The Andes). There are also some articles and a forum. No RSS feed though, so those interested in the site will have to check back from time to time.

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