Thursday, August 24, 2006

Speedlinking 8/24/06

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Good Thursday morning. Another morning short on time, so away we go. . . .

~ Aaron at Anxious Living has a good post on stress and social anxiety and how they go hand in hand.

~ "Pain is unavoidable, but suffering is caused solely by the mind." So begins a new post on simplicity at Mike's Unknowing Mind. He ends with a one-minute meditation on reducing complexity to simplicity. Mike continues his thoughts with Simplicity and Renunciation.

~ Bill at Oaksong's Nemeton has a cool post on science, a response to an article that shows the US lags behind the rest of the world in understanding genetics. He links to a site where you can get SOS (supporter of science) magnets.

~ Dashh blogs on the new concept of the metrospiritual. He adds a few additional criteria to the definition that he was given on another blog. Check it out -- you know you wanna.

~ Jay at The Zero Boss scored a brief interview with Susie Bright. Very freaking cool, my friend.

~ My friend Alexis at Zaadz is down with the humor these days. This "Why did the chicken cross the road" bit is an old one, but still good for a laugh.

~ Alan Cook of Milinda's Questions has a brief roundup of things he's been reading on the web, including Susan Blackmore and David Chalmers on spirituality and consciousness (respectively).

~ Laura at a mindful distraction reviews Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking.

P2P Foundation offers Links for 2006-08-23 [].

~ Blogmandu has a new roundup filled with good stuff. I've tried not to repeat too much of what Tom has up over there, so be sure to stop by and have a read.

~ Ray Harris at Open Integral takes a look at Integral jurisprudence.

~ The always thought-provoking ~C4Chaos posts an article that suggests Walmart isn't so evil after all, if you live in China.

~ The Washington Post reports on a congressional report that reveals the US really doesn't know very much at all about Iran, which throws a whole new light on the whole situation -- or rather, reveals how the Bush administration tends to work in the dark. The US intelligence community really seems to suck these days.

~ Utne Reader reports that the Republicans are starting to support efforts to legalize pot. While that makes good press, it's likely not much more than a few rational minds here and there. I doubt I'll see John McCain or any other big name GOP member pushing this idea.

~ Center for Media and Democracy releases their "Falsies Awards" for 2005. These are awarded for essentially providing false news or information to the public. Check it out.

~ Viacom fired Tom Cruise. I guess being crazy isn't good for your career. But then, he's got a bazillion dollars stashed away at this point, so he might be the next Howard Hughes. Run, Katie, run and take your spawn with you.

~ This season of Survivor has generated a lot of buzz because this time the tribes will be divided along racial lines.
That's right: the season will begin with a bloated cast of 20, and they will be divided into four tribes, which the show is calling the White Tribe, the African-American Tribe, the Asian-American Tribe and the Hispanic Tribe. If your reaction is "oof," you are not alone.
~ Skeptics Society founder Michael Shermer is interviewed at Salon (click through the ads to get to the article). It's a good read for all you atheists (or fans of Sam Harris) out there.

~ Finally, Truthout posted an article that asks if Bush is a clear and present danger -- an article sure to offend the conservatives who think that Bush is simply misunderstood and too often maligned.

Alrighty then, that should keep you busy for a few minutes.

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