Monday, August 21, 2006

Speedlinking 8/21/06

Happy Monday morning. Thought for the day:
For others to approve me is easy; for me to approve myself is hard.
~ Yuan-cheng
It was a quiet Sunday in the blogosphere, but there were still some nuggets to be had. And they're off . . . .

~ Dave at Via Negativa posts some poetic tidbits about the end of August: Days of tired gold and bitter blue , including Charles Wright (one of my all-time favorite poets) and Robinson Jeffers (a poet who made me like poetry when I thought it was just some crap written by dead guys who rhymed all the time).

~ Sujatin at lotusinthemud posts expanding not contracting - dharmavidya's pastoral letter of 19th august, an interesting response to her meeting with a fellow Buddhist.

~ How to Save the World has his weekly compilation of cool links. Included: animals have sex for fun, making eye contact brings one into the moment, and a look at 4th generation warfare. Go read all of it, this is good stuff.

~Tyson Williams posts a link to a site that will check for your blog's popularity on the social networking scene. Alas, IOC is not so popular.

~ Jay at The Zero Boss gets floored by his six-year-old son's acknowledgement that he is the best. Nice post. Jay has done some redesigns, so if you read by feedreader (like me), stop by to see the new look.

~ More links from the P2P Foundation.

~ Diana at integral.diana has a good post on the difficulties of working with a Green meme European Union.

~ Mark Davis, writing at Real Clear Politics, thinks that McCain and Giuliani are the front-runners in the Republican race for the White House. He feels this represents a shift to the war on terror as the main issue (as Karl Rove wants it to be) rather than "the 'God, guns and gays' issues which have lifted some recent candidacies and destroyed others." I suppose this is a good thing.

~ Jane Smiley on corporate greed, destroying the environment, war, power, and the president. Is this the Mean Green Meme in action? Maybe. Is she right about any of it? Yes. The question is how much of it is correct and how much of it, if any, is the MGM.

~ Dateline NBC ran a piece the other night on marketing to kids. In one video clip, kids given a choice between eating a fruit or a rock covered with stickers of their favorite "spokescharacters" chose the rock to eat. It was part of a larger story on responsibility (or the lack thereof) in the food industry. The kids segment is scary.

~ Truthdig links to Think Progress on the wall-to-wall coverage of the JonBenet crap, even while Israel violates the cease fire agreement.

~ Image of the day (Complicated) is from~Poppaea at deviantART:

~ Editor & Publisher has an article on the FCC probe into "fake news" being used by stations without disclosing the source.

And that's all I have for this Monday morning. Be safe.

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