Friday, July 21, 2006


I am a bit pressed for time this morning, so I want to point out a few links in the Integral Blogosphere worth your time (in my less than humble opinion).

Colmar takes issue with the Washington Post's Richard Cohen, an article I linked to a day or so back. I attempt to contextualize the article's viewpoint in the comments.

Umguy has a nice post on working with a personal mythology, an idea he credits to ~C4Chaos.

Ray Harris has an interesting post on Integral Sexology over at Open Integral. He's looking specifically at "age of consent" issues within an intergal context. It's an interesting article.

~C4Chaos replies to Colmar's "Sacred Cows" post, as only ~C4 can.

Tom Armstrong's new group political/Buddhist/integral blog goes live with its first post. The blog is called Thoughts Chasing Thoughts, so set your feeds. My friend Nagarjuna is one of the confirmed group members.

Have fun.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

On behalf of TCT, I thank you very kindly for the shout, thoughtful Bill.

Our friend Nagarjuna has put up an absolutely brilliant introductory first post in TCT. I am but a scurvy bug in his shadow.

Great other stuff in your speedlink, here, William. I have read through them, in order, while eating a tasty tofu hotdog. Is blogging fun, or what!?