Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dharma Quote: Generous Wisdom

This was in my inbox from Snow Lion Publications:

Dalai Lama Quote of the Week

Shakyamuni Buddha, even when he was a trainee on the path, was solely concerned in both thought and action with others' welfare. Whenever he found an opportunity to work for others, no matter what difficulties he faced, he was never discouraged. He never hated obstacles and hardships encountered on the way. Instead, the difficult situations facilitated his being more courageous and determined to accomplish others' welfare. Just because he was so determined to work for others in the past, even as a trainee on the path, it is needless to say how much more it is so with him now as a completely enlightened person.

As the saying goes, "A past life story of a teacher is an enlightening practice for posterity."

~ From Generous Wisdom: Commentaries of His Holiness the Dalai Lama XIV on the Jatakamala Garland of Birth Stories translated by Tenzin Dorjee, edited by Dexter Roberts

This seems like a good dharma lesson as so many people are talking about war and killing and complaining that peace movements just make things worse. We should always seek peace and strive to help others.

I'm not down with the whole New Age concept of "our actions can change the world," but I firmly believe that our actions can change us, and touch those around us. If we each strive to embody peace and compassion, and model that in our daily lives, others will be touched by it and they may try to do the same.

These small actions will not stop the killing in the Middle East, and many will scoff at such feeble attmepts to create a better world, and that's okay. A better world starts with you and me choosing to change ourselves and committing to help others seek the path of compassion.

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