Thursday, July 27, 2006

Speedlinking 7/27/06

Wow, busy day.

Note to self: never let employers know you work well with insane deadlines.

Okay, some cool things to read:

~ Buddhist blogger Dukkha Earl is back online with Enso It Goes. Thanks to Tom Armstrong for the tip.

~ Mushin J. Schilling has an article appearing in a German magazine on Ken Wilber and the need for cooperative spirituality, as opposed to Wilber's vertical spirituality.

~ If you don't read Craig Photography regularly, you're missing out.

~ ~C4Chaos has some INSANE beer goggles!

~ Aaron has a great post on how we might accept or push through (or both?) our social anxiety. Anxious Living is a great blog -- add it to your feeds. And please be sure to check it out on Monday, July 31.

~ Colmar wasn't sure he liked being called a conservative the other day. Here's his response.

~ An interesting article on defining global neighborhoods appears at P2P Foundation. The author is seeking comments.

~ Bill at Oaksong's Nemeton reviews the new Live album -- he likes it, as do I.

Okay, I'm sure I'm leaving out some good stuff, but that's all I had a chance to read in any depth today.


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