Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Speedlinking 7/26/06

And away we go . . .

~ m alan kazlev of Integral Transformation has posted links to his series of articles appearing over at Frank Visser's site, Integral World. Here are the links (which are also posted at Open Integral):

Historical and Comparative use of “Integral”
The Wilberian Paradigm: A Fourfold Critique
An Aurobindonian Vision
Where To Now For The Integral Movement?

~ Mike at Unknowing Mind offers a quote from Joseph Campbell and a meditation to access our own "worldview goggles" when it comes to religion.

~ Deep Surface offers an introduction to Pandora (my apologies to whoever it was who blogged this service a while back), a totally personalizable on-line radio station. Enter your favorite artist(s) and let it do its thing. It creates a customized playback list (based on the music genome project) that you can further fine tune by rating the songs that come up. All I can say is that Pandora is way cool.

~ The House must have sent its compassionate twin to work yesterday as they seem to have found something resembling a soul in passing bills to protect 670,000 acres of new wilderness and protect 47 miles of wild and scenic rivers in California, Idaho and Oregon.

~ Michael Hirsh's new Newsweek article makes a compelling case that the Bush administration's failure to understand the situation in Iraq has resulted in a loss of support from the core of the Muslim world:
And at cafes and around kitchen tables throughout the Arab world, good-hearted Muslims can no longer defend America against their more hate-filled brethren. They have fallen silent; they have no arguments left. "The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity," as the poet Yeats memorably put it.

Hirsh argues -- in a semi-review of (The Washington Post's pentagon reporter) Thomas Ricks's "devastating" new book about the Iraq war, Fiasco -- that American military policy in Iraq has been brutal and has created the insurgency it now fights. By lumping Al Qaeda, Hamas, and Hizbollah together, Bush further alienates moderate Arabs who all despised Bin Laden's actions.

~ While Lance Bass (of 'N Sync shame) is finally out and proud (as reported by the Pagan Bodhisattva), the state of Washington has decided that he can't get married on their turf. By a 5-4 vote, the state's high court upheld a law passed by the state legislature defining marriage as between one man and one woman. The court's opinion, however, was clear that they were ruling on the constitutionality of the law, not on the legality of gay marriage, which the lead opinion suggested could be acheived through a ballot initiative.

~ Finally, The Nation's John Nichols agrees with Molly Ivans that Bill Moyers should run for president, but disagrees that it would be a purely symbolic run. He thinks Moyers could contend for the nomination.

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