Sunday, July 23, 2006

Speedlinking 7/23/06

Not a lot of new stuff in the last 24 hours, but here are a few posts worth your time.

~ Colmar continues his series of posts on the Israeli-Arab war with Placing the Blame Where it Belongs . . . .

~ Nagarjuna's post, Point-Counterpoint, offered this quote from Jim Wallis:
"Religious wisdom suggests that the more overwhelming the military might, the more dangerous its capacity for self- and public deception. If evil in this world is deeply human and very real, and religious people believe it is, it just doesn't make spiritual sense to suggest that the evil all lies "out there" with our adversaries and enemies, and none of it is "in here" with us--embedded in our own attitudes, behaviors, and policies. Powerful nations dangerously claim to "rid the world of evil" but often do enormous harm in their self-appointed vocation." -- Jim Wallis

~ Tom, over at Thoughts Chasing Thoughts, thinks Buddhists should suppport a de-Christianized version of intelligent design. Personally, I think we should teach all the creation myths of the world, including ID and evolution. Leave the actual science of evolution in the science classroom, but teach ALL the great stories supposing to claim how we got here.

~ At Open Integral, Ray Harris and Mark Edwards seem to be having a disagreement over Ray's Age of Consent posts (and here, too). Mostly miscommunication it seems from here.

~ Katherine shares a night of beer, music, and dancing with us. What is integral about that, you ask? Read her post. She has something to say that -- man or woman -- resonates with the heart, and as we are all human, we all can identify with her feelings if we are open to letting another person in.

~ From the GoodNewsNetwork, the top 10 good news stories of the week.

Have fun!

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