Tuesday, May 07, 2013

A Drop of Sunshine by Aparna Sanyal (on Schizophrenia)

I found this documentary through Beyond Meds, an excellent blog maintained by a friend, Monica Cassani. She posted this in its four parts (which I have combined into one playlist, so if you begin watching the video it will play all four sections) with a commentary at the end worth your time to read.

A Drop of Sunshine by Aparna Sanyal

Schizophrenia. It may be one word, but it immediately conjures up multiple connotations - mad, incurable, violent, suicidal, chemical imbalances, crazy, a lifelong condition, an inevitable dependency on Medicines. This film questions this negative mainstream view of the condition, and wonders if an alternative destiny for a person with a diagnosis is possible. It charts out the story of Reshma Valliappan, who now lives a fulfilling life, free of medicines. The film explores a controversial, but ultimately empowering, view of the condition, which a small minority of brave psychologists and psychiatrists are beginning to embrace across the world. It also proposes a contrarian approach towards treatment for the condition, where the patient is encouraged and equipped to become an equal partner in the process of healing.

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