Monday, October 15, 2012

Robert Wright and Daniel Lende Debate Addiction: Evolutionary Psychology vs. Neuroanthropology.

This past weekend's episode of The Wright Show featured Robert Wright in conversation with Daniel Lende discussing a recent study on a "gene" for internet addition. They both take issue with the study. They then move on to discuss the topic of addiction in general, debating evolutionary psychology (Wright) vs. neuroanthropology (Lende).

Here are some links to the material that started the discussion (courtesy of Lende at his blog about his appearance on The Wright Show) - German scientists find ‘internet-addiction gene -- Caught In The Web? Blame Your Genes -- and the original article (paywall), a 2012 paper, The Role of the CHRNA4 Gene in Internet Addiction: A Case-control Study.

Robert Wright (, The Evolution of God, Nonzero) and Daniel Lende (University of South Florida, Neuroanthroplogy)

Recorded: Sep 14   Posted: Oct 13, 2012
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