Friday, October 19, 2012

Dr. Judith Wright - Mindful Ways to Over Mindless Habits: The Neuroscience of our Deeper Yearning

An interesting talk from the Authors@Google series on how we might be more present in our lives and use mindfulness to overcome mindless habits.

Dr. Judith Wright - Mindful Ways to Overcome Mindless Habits: The Neuroscience of our Deeper Yearning

All the yoga, meditation, deep breathing, and exercise won't keep you conscious when you're in the grips of your mindless habits--your soft addictions. We all have soft addictions--whether it's procrastinating, over-shopping, overeating, texting, video games, too much TV . . . the list is endless. These seemingly harmless habits that we so often overdo not only cost time, money, and energy, but they also drain our productivity, numb our feelings, and mute our consciousness. It's not really a question of if you have soft addictions, but which ones do you have.

The only reason we turn to our soft addictions is that they are trying to let us know about something we yearn for -- it's just that they don't deliver on that yearning. But if you wake up and pay attention, you can learn to design your life around these deeper needs. And when you do, amazing things happen. Not only do your bad habits start to drop away, you also save money, lose weight, have more energy, get more time in your day, design a life of consciousness and mindfulness.

In this compelling keynote presentation, Dr. Judith Wright, shares the research and neuroscience behind our deeper yearning and how you can use that information to not only let go of your soft addictions, but also to create a spectacular life.

A media favorite, sought-after speaker, respected leader, best-selling author, world-class coach, and corporate consultant in the area of personal transformation, leadership development, and personal goal fulfillment, Dr. Judith Wright wrote There Must Be More Than This, The One Decision, The Soft Addiction Solution, and soon-to-be-released Transformed! The Science of Spectacular Living to share her personal transformation and proven methodologies with a broader audience. Dr. Wright's ground-breaking research into the fundamental process by which human beings learn, grow, and develop is the core of the curriculum at Wright and the Wright Graduate Institute, which she co-founded. Dr. Wright has appeared on more than 500 radio programs, and 80 TV programs including Oprah, ABC's 20/20 and the Today show.

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Great advice. I am trying to live a life of consciousness and mindfulness.