Monday, January 30, 2012

Documentary - Joy Division

Joy Division, whose singer and songwriter, Ian Curtis, suicided before they ever played a gig in the U.S., was one of the most influential punk/post-punk bands of the late 1970s. Like many talented people who die young, Curtis has become a cult icon. Joy Division influenced bands like The Cure and U2, who were contemporaries, as well Bauhaus and other "goth" bands, and even the post-punk revival bands Interpol, Bloc Party, and Editors. 

As a young, disaffected punk kid, the sense of doom and bleakness in their music spoke to the suburban angst I felt. Something about their music feels claustrophobic to me - my peers, who were less miserable apparently, described it as "music to slit your wrists to." There's a "dark night of the soul" feel to their lyrics and music, maybe owing to Curtis' depression.

Joy Division
Great documentary on the revolutionary British punk group Joy Division, and about lead singer Ian Curtis, whom committed suicide before the peak of their popularity. Joy Division later went on to become the popular new wave group New Order.

Here is a recording of a live show, including the sound check songs. No video, but it's a good clean recording.

Set List:

01. Heart And Soul 0:00
02. Incubation 5:10
03. Komakino 8:23
04. Isolation (Instrumental) 12:53
05. Isolation 15:37

06. Incubation 18:38
07. Wilderness 22:12
08. Twenty Four Hours 25:15
09. The Eternal 29:50
10. Heart And Soul 36:21
11. Love Will Tear Us Apart 41:17
12. Isolation 44:34
13. Komakino 47:57
14. She's Lost Control 52:24
15. These Days 57:44
16. Atrocity Exhibition 1:01:55

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